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My husband and I had a pleasure of meeting with Dr. Im and his staff while we were both concerned about hair loss and thinning hair.
He is professional, patient, and easy to talk to. He listens, and he and his staff take time discussing the treatment and what’s to expect after.
The treatment was very successful with no complications at all, and we noticed the improvement in a few weeks.

I highly recommend Dr. Im for anyone with thinning hair or hair loss concerns.

- Sylvia and Chris

There are some genetic factors as well, but as the age goes over to the 50s, hair loss begins to progress.

Luckily, I’ve met the right hair restoration specialist, Dr. Steve Im, and received 2 treatments. My hair has been definitely growing since then. It is clearly noticeable after 6-7 months after those treatments. I feel like my hair has grown thicker as well. We plan to be managed continuously on yearly basis. Thank you so much, Dr. Im.

- Mike

My Goal for 2023 was to feel better about myself and to appreciate the person I looked in the mirror and saw, with having hair loss that was hard to do.

Then I found Golden Coast Hair Restoration, they were able to quickly get me in for an appointment and after the first visit consultation create a plan of care to help me with my hair loss. Using the most up-to-date interventions I am pleased with my results.

Thank You,

- Alexander Adkins

As age advances, I became concerned about my receding hairline. However, when my friend showed me before and after photos of his procedure and his hair, I felt the desire to do the same. I made a reservation and went through the consultation process, feeling a bit anxious about how much it might hurt. But from the moment the anesthesia started until the procedure was over, I didn’t feel any pain at all. It was a very comfortable experience. I am grateful to Dr. Im and the consultant for their attentive care during the procedure. It’s been two months since the treatment, and although my hair hasn’t fully grown yet, I’m looking forward to the coming months.

- Cindy from La Habra

As I aged, I became concerned about the receding hairline on my forehead and temples. It was a daily worry as I had to wear caps or visors to hide the thinning areas. Then, someone introduced me to Dr. Steve, and I decided to try the exosome hair therapy, as he said it had excellent effects.

The procedure took about an hour, and surprisingly, it wasn’t painful, perhaps because of the anesthesia beforehand. The next day, I went about my daily life as usual, without any inconvenience.

After about a month and a half, I noticed my baby hairs starting to grow and fill in. Three months later, I visited the clinic again for a follow-up, and the growth was truly astonishing. My hair had thickened significantly, and I no longer had to deal with excessive hair loss in the mornings.

Now, it’s been over six months since the therapy, and my friends are asking about the significant improvement in my hair volume. I feel much more satisfied and confident with the results.

Dr. Steve and the entire staff were so kind and provided detailed explanations, which made me feel at ease throughout the process. I am truly grateful for the satisfying outcome from the therapy. Thank you so much.

- Sena

As I approach my mid-50s and head towards the late 50s, the relentless passage of time feels even more cruel. It’s when I look in the mirror and see my receding hairline and thinning hair around the temples, leaving me feeling self-conscious. As a professional who meets many people and occasionally appears on camera, I’ve lost my confidence in facing others. Wearing hats or caps only goes so far, and I’m constantly worried about the exposed areas, especially on hot days. That’s when I started considering a custom-made wig as a last resort. However, I knew I had to find a solution urgently, not just for my profession but also to find a partner as I’m still single.

Being involved in the health product industry, I had gained some knowledge about hair-related issues through studying. Moreover, my previous experience with a hair transplant 20 years ago provided valuable insights. The ultimate solution was clear – a hair transplant. As I was deciding between getting the procedure done in Korea or here in LA, fate led me to discover Dr. Im.

Having acquired knowledge from my hair transplant experience and studies, I felt confident that I could choose the best doctor. I searched far and wide, passing on US-based centers that were costly and not specialized for Asians, until I found Dr. Im, a Korean-American doctor. His calm and warm first impression was reassuring, and he presented various supplementary methods in addition to the hair transplant, which built my trust. Unlike a commercial approach, his demeanor exuded the sincerity of a true medical professional.

Following all his recommendations diligently, I started with pre-surgery administration of finasteride to ensure healthy hair before the procedure. After about a month, I noticed some fine hairs starting to grow, and my existing hair becoming thicker. I regretted not starting the medication earlier, and I decided to continue it for a lifetime due to its positive effects.

Next, we proceeded with the hair transplant of approximately 1000 grafts to restore my hairline. Instead of the previous strip method, this time we opted for the FUE method, extracting individual hair follicles from the back of the head. The procedure involved some discomfort from the anesthesia, and lying in the same position all day was challenging. However, Dr. Im and his team worked tirelessly, counting and carefully placing each graft. For a patient like me who tends to be skeptical, the extra 100 grafts added during the final moments of the surgery felt heartwarming. About a week after the surgery, all the scabs disappeared, and at around two months, the transplanted hair fell out during the shedding phase. However, new hairs began to grow after three months, and I can confidently say that my desired hairline will be achieved in the coming months.

Lastly, the exosome therapy turned out to be unexpectedly amazing. While I was aware of skin therapies in some cosmetic clinics, I had no idea that scalp therapies were possible here in LA. It was a fresh experience, and after receiving the therapy, I was surprised to see significant improvement in the thinning area around my temples. People I meet now often ask what I did to look younger.

Hair loss may not seem like a significant issue that affects one’s life, but it can be a major factor that diminishes one’s proactive and confident attitude. For those who agree that resolving hair loss is crucial to living a confident and active life, I strongly suggest considering Dr. Im as the starting point. Meeting him has helped me regain my confidence and zest for life.

- Andy

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